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Millenova Pulpit Stoles - Vermillion Qwick-Ship

Millenova Pulpit Stoles - Vermillion Qwick-Ship

Murphy Cap & Gown Co.

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Robes & Apparel Pulpit Robes & Stoles - Qwick-Ship
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Retail: $97.90
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Product Description

Traditionally styled, these elegant clergy stoles are designed to coordinate with matching ready-to-ship seasonal parament sets. Ready to ship within 24 hours of factory receipt of order. Backed by our Qwick-Ship Guarantee of Satisfaction. Tailored in vermilion red Millenova®, other colors also available. Trimmed with 3" antique gold brush fringe. Embroidered with matching gold metallic Latin Crosses. Fully lined and inner lined for lasting shape retention. Measures approximately 90" long, with a tapered back neckline. Exclusively available from Murphy.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Murphy Cap & Gown Co.
  • Producer: Murphy Robes
  • SKU: 1412_13100
  • Vendor Code: 13100

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